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What Makes Us Different?

We practice the most up-to-date technology in order to help your pet live longer!

Digital radiography provides the highest quality image possible, and allows the doctors to visualize the bones and organs in dramatic detail. A digital radiograph can be enlarged and manipulated after it is taken allowing the doctors to view the image in ways that aren't possible with film x-ray. The images can be sent instantly for consultation, and the greater imaging speed means less stress on your pet. Call us today, the doctors will be happy to discuss the benefits of this new and exciting technology!


Dental Radiographs are instrumental in detecting periodontal disease, abscessed roots, oral tumors and impacted teeth. On feline patients a radiograph can also show resorptive lesions. Much of the tooth lies under the gum and can only be evaluated by taking x-rays. Our digital dental radiographs show our doctors any oral pathology so that a dental care plan can be formulated for your dog or cat, keeping them healthy for life!


Dr. Davidson, Dr Witt and Dr Dimple Hall utilize laser technology in surgery for many years. This expertise greatly minimizes pain, bleeding, and swelling in most soft tissue procedures. This benefits your pet's surgical outcome and recovery immensely. Please call us today to see how elective or corrective laser surgery could help your pet!


Dr. Baer uses state-of-the-art digital ultrasonography to visualize the interior of the body safely and non-invasively. The ultrasound achieves an extraordinary depth of detail that aids in the diagnosis of cardiac, liver, bladder, kidney and reproductive disorders. Masses, abnormal physiology, and reproductive disorders can be identified more readily.


Our clinics utilize computerized video otoscopy to perform ear exams, diagnose diseases, and treat external and middle ear problems. Ear disease is a common problem among pets, and now owners can visualize the cause of their pet's discomfort as the doctor utilizes the video otoscope. This instrument also enhances the ability to remove polyps, otoliths, and foreign bodies in order to prevent further damage and infection, and possibly restore hearing. Call us today so that our doctors can help to relieve your pet's ear discomfort.


Tonometry checks the intraocular pressure of your pet's eyes for diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, & injuries from head or eye trauma. This painless, inexpensive screening is recommended for all senior pets, and certain canine / feline breeds who are predisposed to glaucoma. We believe this test may help us to save your pet's vision and prevent blindness. Call us today to schedule your tonopen exam!








Oncology treatment is provided by Dr. Newton, who stays current with all the canine and feline protocols.  When your pet receives the diagnosis of cancer, there are treatment options that you can discuss with Dr. Newton. We believe that your pet needs to maintain a quality of life during cancer treatment, and we want them to play, be comfortable and enjoy eating their favorite treats. Cancer does not have to be the last word.


Our physical therapy laser provides relief for your pet! This non-invasive treatment provides measurable results for chronic pain and arthritis, wound healing, post-surgery rehab, spinal injury, and bone or muscle injury. Scientifically proven to increase circulation, stimulate additional nerve function, augment collagen formation, and produce high levels of endorphins. Call our doctors today to see if your pet can benefit from this latest technology!


" A dog is 'almost human'..."   - John Holmes